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this is a great place to sit and refresh the page to find cool art, yo


puffballinthedark has started a donation pool!
140 / 300
well, I made a species accidentally and now I'm selling them for points?
I have no idea.

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wow ok things have worked out everything is ok
you can all go home now

So guys
Guess what

Up here in the puffball family household, my mother is an athsmatic on the brink of pneumonia (which is Hella bad), and can't get her meds (which is Hella worse), her tire exploded on her car, and we've got like, a thousand dollars of unexpected expenses to shovel theough!
Which is hella scary, yanno



So please please please please buy commissions and adopts and shit I will draw for you for 3 days straight with no breaks if it means you'll pay me
I'll upload a new race I've been working on when I get home, and make some dank adopts from that
I'll crank out some switchblade imps
I'll bust in on some cheeky fanart to boost views and shit
But like holy smokes please buy my stuff

also also also I'll be streaming with picarto now, because livestream is a little bitch. so if anyone wants to see me draw, go there. uwu


addict by puffballinthedark
I'll have you know that I consider addiction my absolute biggest fear.
seeing as I come from a noble, ancient line of addicts, I'm scared half to death, and this ain't a joke.
don't do drugs, kids
because I swear, I will find you and fuck you up.
that's my mission, to personally fuck up every single drug user and dealer on earth, until everyone is as scared of drugs as I am simply because there's this legendary ninja assassin that will find you and fuck. you. up.
and tobacco. and alcohol and shit. just because it's legal doesn't mean that what you're doing isn't hurting literally everyone in your life.
'cause that's how my life got flip-turned upside down.

so knock it off, fuckwits.

this is 2d smoking himself half to death
have I told you how I'm suddenly dying of gorillaz
please send help
how did I get to this point
what have I done
bullseye by puffballinthedark
wow holy fuck how long has it been since I've uploaded something :|
I think it's about forever. yeah

well lately I've been coping with a sudden relapse into my gorillaz obsession and I am a disaster.
like, last time I was just having fun listening to the music, diggin' the characters and bullshit
playing online games
now I've read their book I've listened to not only all of their albums, but also the unreleased music, learned everything about every character, learned the plot from their very conception, visited all of the pages on the site, visited most of the pages on the site that you can't access anymore without spooky links, and am slowly slipping into a very deep, dark abyss.
I didn't even want to do this
I don't know what started this. I had no control over it
it just happened.
it was like blacking out and waking up covered in merch. it's really scary, actually.
I'm listening to their music as we speak, but I don't remember ever turning it on.

so this is cyborg noodle shooting y'all up
cyborg noodle is the shit
there's cyborgs and ladies and weaponry
honestly what else do you need

apparently they're coming back and shit so that's pretty radical too

unrelated: I've gotten a 3d printer
printed a ring
shit's tight

unrelated unrelated: I got a haircut and I look like a creampuff and I am so happy about it\

but yeah anywho if anyone's out there that wants to talk about something let's talk about shit
or like
if you want me to draw something let's do it
maybe I should stream
I dunno
I want to get back into drawing again, and I don't know why I'm not doing that anymore
somebody motivate me pls
you especially.
god so ill by puffballinthedark
god so ill
I've been sick
played like 12 hours of skyrim today
anyone wanna play portal co-op with me
Hie Hie Hie. by puffballinthedark
Hie Hie Hie.
honestly, the babe squad is a canon thing at this point
there's squads 1-13, and then there's the babe squad.
the babe squad is the most elete of the squads
it can only contain babes.
and the only babes are Hie and Jayce.

Hie is  :iconespada-6-fangirl:'s babe
never forget it
Aisakan auction (open) by puffballinthedark
Aisakan auction (open)
this is my new race of adopts ouo
please buy them

her name is aisakan, and she is 16 years old.

 if you wanna buy her I think I'll have an auction starting at $5.00, until next Monday.
if you're down with it, put a comment down here.
autobuy is $15.00

Heikia Race:

    -they are born with incredibly bad eyesight, and can only see bright colors.
    -their hair never stops growing, so when traveling, they usually use their huge amounts of hair as a bed mat, or blankets.
    -their hooves help them walk greater distances without needing new shoes.
    -their ears are incredibly sensitive, and also double as pouches. the upper two are supposed to be used for carrying children, and the bottom two are supposed to be for carrying goods.
      more devoted traders use the upper two for carrying goods as well, which stretches them out and makes them useless for their intended purpose. the more strain put on their ears, the larger the         pouches become.
    -on their tail is a light sensor, to tell if it's nighttime on their long journeys, and also serves as a sensitive vibration detector, able to pick up footsteps from up to 50 yards away, when dragging on        the ground.
    -they have slight camouflage abilities, that allow them to blend in with the people from the planet they are trading with.
    -they can live up to 150 years old.

    -they try to expose as little skin as possible, since when they travel they don't want to get sunburned
    -they keep their hair rolled up around a short sword on the back of their head, for defense
    -they are very superstitious and believe that certain kinds of stone will give them luck, and wear them all over for good fortune.
    -they are born almost completely blind. They believe that if anyone sees their eyes, it will steal their soul, so they usually wear blindfolds or other eye coverings.
    -they wear leg armor underneath their robes, to prevent injury to their legs that would prevent them from traveling.
    -since they carry a lot of weight on their necks, neck injury and strain is very common. they wear supportive collars to prevent this.
    -often times they will string their money on themselves, or have it melted down into jewelry, to prevent getting robbed.

    -as traders, they are known for trading fine dyes and textiles, but can be found selling anything from car parts, to fine perfumes.
    -when meeting another on the road, it is customary to spend three nights together, for rest. If they get along, they dye a portion of each other's hair on the third night, as a way of cementing their      friendship, and showing others that they know each other. The more stripes a trader has, the more trustworthy they are considered.
    -if two Heikia want to get married, or pledge their devotion to each other, they trade the jewel hanging off of their sword.
    -they spend a lot of their life alone, often leaving their parents when they are 16, to start their own journey, rarely seeing them again.
    -they don't have much of a standardized culture, as they end up adopting a mixture of all of the customs of the planets and countries they travel through, however they do have a native language,        only spoken to their own kind.
    -they have a natural aptitude for picking up languages, and a lot of charisma, because of their long history of being international traders.
    -some Heikia break off from the path of being nomadic traders, to start more traditional businesses, but the urge to travel never leaves them.
    -they are often thought to be magical, because of their air of mystery, and foreign mannerisms.


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