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this is a great place to sit and refresh the page to find cool art, yo


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I have no idea.

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1.   How long have you been on DeviantArt? FOUR YEARS, FOLKS

2.   What does your username mean? Well, one time at a sleepover, there was this blue light glowing behind my head. And my hair is this enormous fluffy mess, so my friend :iconespada-6-fangirl: said that I looked like a puffball in the dark
And then I was like "holy fuck I am a puffball in the dark"
And it became Me
I am the excitable, fluffy creature that stalks the night for its prey
I am unnoticed, shrouded in shadow. The pom-pom of death
I am

3.   Describe yourself in three words. The very best

4.   Are you left or right handed? Rightie, matey uwu

5.   What was your first deviation? Oh my lord, it was this image of my very first oc ever, Taylin Fenris.
Lord help me.

6.   What is your favourite type of art to create? Drawing my characters uwu

7.   If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Total, flawless realism, or that super animu style
Shit's quality

8.   What was your first favourite?
Holy smokes it was pon and zi

9.   What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Mostly concept art, or just really cool design ideas |D

10.   Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? :iconyuumei: I can't help it. Her art gives me life. OH LORD AND :iconslugbox: because that too gives me life.
And :iconfukari:
Because those characters I actually seriously have a crush on.

11.  If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Oh lordy I dunno :0

12.   How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Well, the positivity of the whole community was seriously what made me draw so much and actually try to get decent at the stuff. Getting commissions and requests and critiques really helped me figure out what exactly it was that I wanted to get better at, ya know?

13.  What are your preferred tools to create art? Wacom bamboo tablet
It is bae

14.   What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? Lmao my room. Or in the art room at my highschool
Having other people around when you make stuff really makes you push yourself.

15.   What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Getting like, 3 faves on one of these shitty colored pencil drawings when I was 11
Or joining :iconskyloftacademy:
I was just 11 or 12 at the time, but everyone there was just super supportive anyway. I remember when anyone talked to me, or whenever anyone would post art, my heart would skip a little |D
Shit was tight. 

Lmao gimme a badge


senators by puffballinthedark
I had a dream that I was a senator in an intergalactic council, and was at an embassy to discuss relations with planets currently threatening war on other systems
but all of a sudden we were raided by the warlords and they tried to kidnap the senators to hold them for ransom on their own planet
I fought back and killed a few, but once they were gone the supreme justices of the council beckoned me over to talk
the supreme justices were two angels, who had been presiding over the galaxy since the beginning of time, but over time they've become weary and tired seeing the injustices and violence in the world, and spend their lives shining their trumpets in hopes that Armageddon will come soon, and god will strike us all down.
they inform me that with the death of the warlords, I broke the fragile peace in the system, and deserve to be punished, but the warlords, since they got away, can't be punished for their attack.
it was super stressful, and I wasn't liking their idea of justice.
artsy as balls by puffballinthedark
artsy as balls
in a super long infinite RP I've had with :iconespada-6-fangirl:, we've gotten to a point in the plot where Hie has lost her mind ans wants Jayce dead
that cut on her cheek is from her

I need to make art for my art portfolio to get into AP studio next year

Her by puffballinthedark
ok it's 4 am and I don't know if this ever was a good idea, but this is erica, and she's a half-person half droid sith inquisitorbitch who is going to be literally impossible to make on swtor.

so she was sold into slavery by her psycho parents to a psycho biotech guy, who was trying to create an effective interrogation droid. so he ends up goin ham on this chick, trying to erase her personality, and make her into a powerful, intelligent drone for the empire. he succeeded, wiped her memories, removed her emotions, loaded a new firmware into her new cybernetic noodle, gave her the name of Erica, and ships her off to the academy to learn how to become an inquisitor. Since she has pretty much no capacity for emotion at this point, she's perfect for interrogation, and since she's still subconsciously human, she'll know when to stop interrogation if they're at the brink of death. So this mostly robot chick with no personality, other than the directive to obey the empire is being trained to use the force, when she comes across the jedi code. This shit lines up exactly to how she's thinking, since she's literally a robot, what with it being that there is no passion, there is only peace, the pursuit of knowledge, the serenity shit, the harmony stuff; it's the only thing that makes sense to her as someone with next to no conscious biological impulses.
so she trains on that, and she follows the jedi code while following the directives of the Empire to the leTTER. killing innocents, interrogating people and disposing of them once they're done, ending anyone who doesn't directly serve her, all while technically following the jedi code straight down to its punctuation, and using the light side of the force to do it. so she just does her thing. but she is literally the worst thing that could ever have happened, and isn't really a person anymore.
I feel like she would be a good conundrum for any jedi I wanna make later on, since she's just evil evil evil, but just isn't corrupted by the dark side in the slightest.
and I mean

she's a hottie

I wanted to give her a suPER normal name, for someone so fucked up
also the big camera lens in her face I stuck there because she believes she's enlightened but she's really just fucked up
what with the third eye being there and all
and that big line is supposed to be representative of a big black tear. yes.

but yeah, she's really calm, always serene as all hell, and smiling. perpetually. but oh my god she is s o sca ry  she's the kind of person who would put you out on a spacewalk to fix the ship, and drive off without you once you're done. she is totally unpredictable, and p much lacks all empathy for anyone. her concience is clear 'cause she doesn't have one. and she knows how to scare the shITS outta people.
she was programmed to do that, so fears are her main game. social skills are lacking, but I mean, she fucks people up.
she's the kind of person who would bite your ear, and just slowly pull it off your face during an interrogation.

also also also, when she was being turned into a cyborg, her lungs sustained mASSIVE damage. MASSIVE. so she has to speak quietly or else she won't have enough oxygen to get her words out. the orange glowy light is part of her generator for her cybernetic shit, but her innards are exposed where the orange light is. when she "breathes", she makes this horrible mechanical grinding sound, that sounds like this mixture between a small blender starting to blend a steak, and a solid steel beam twisting.  it's really her shitty mechanical heart trying to squeeze her shitty blood by her fucked up mechanical spiracles to get oxygen to her half human brain. but she does it really quietly. when she talks, that sound is just part of her voice.
she's  screwed up

I'll upload this to my gallery in the morning gharblarglarghh

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