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this is a great place to sit and refresh the page to find cool art, yo


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well, I made a species accidentally and now I'm selling them for points?
I have no idea.

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if anyone wanna see me stream go here…
I'm so lone and I don't know what to draw


Ophelia by puffballinthedark
I'm trying to draw more I swear.
all I get is a naked ophelia with a scythe.

I really just wanted to make a high contrast thing as practice
that's what  I did
this is that
ophelia by puffballinthedark
as a kid she was naturally clairvoyant, so she ended up figuring out how to astral project in order to meet with her dead friends and relatives
the the grim reaper felt cheated by her ability to transcend death, so he cut her silver cord.
In a last-ditch effort to stay alive, and deal with some unfinished business, she possessed her old body, and tries to go about relatively unnoticed by the reaper.

she's not very good at possessing people, so when she's surprised or distracted her body will just drop dead, and her soul will be disconnected from it.
since she's so bad at posessing herself she's more prone to getting posessed by other spirits and demons. since this happens a lot she wears protection symbols form whatever culture she can find as a defense against this.
she has issues with memory and things, considering that her heart literally stops for a couple minutes to about an hour a day.
because of this issue, her physical memory and her spiritual memory are pretty much two completely different things. When she's possessing her physical body, she forgets a lot of things that she knew in her spiritual body.
her physical body is beginning to forget why she cheated death in the first place, but her spiritual body remembers. she's trying to get a message back to herself, but she can't think of a way for that to happen.
she's 23, and living it up. 
she's hella scene. loves going to concerts. what a gal.
half of her life is a spiritual journey, and the other half is a literal journey trying to get to another concert.

dunno why I made her.
let's talk about how I'm so glad tech week is over by puffballinthedark
let's talk about how I'm so glad tech week is over
would you like to hear a word about our lord and savior, sleep?
i've subsisted on monster and griping for over a week, so now that it's over you have no idea how happy I am

I run the soundboard
Les Mis with the best singers on this side of san-fransisco is great
running the board with those singers singing is living hell.

lllliving hell.

no I would not like for you to touch those knobs
no we don't have the mics ready yet

I am so glad to be rested.
His name is Calvary by puffballinthedark
His name is Calvary
living in the empty remains of the world after the batter cleansed it, Calvary tries to find meaning and his true self in the bleak expanse. uwu

but his true self is the same as everybody else's

since he's one of those burnt elsens, if you take the bag off his head y'all are gonna get blasted to high heaven

:iconfireworksdraws: gave me the idea
I dunno what i'm gonna do with it now

I've gotten bad at making OCs that are cute in any regard.
can't do it.
Lux by puffballinthedark
what a saucy lil fucker
like jeez
running a morgue
cuttin up bodies
all in a willie wonka hat.
goddamnit, Lux.

anywho  I might update this later
or like
leave y'all guessing
this guy is a guy I've never really drawn before but I've had him for like 3 years.
love this guy
precious darling, he is

this is a quick doodle
I'm sorry it's shit
what ya gonna do

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